Akash Deep

(Lightening of Oil Lamps) is lit to lighten the way for the souls of ancestors to the land of Gods i.e Heaven, for fullkartik month in Kashi since centuries. The gallant martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation are also progenitors. Reviving the age old tradition and giving it new dimensions GSN lights Aakash- Deeps to enlighten the immortal heroic souls’ journey to Heaven.GSN has revived this tradition and pays special honor to Nations Martyrs. GSN is committed to unfurl the glories of oriental world in the Blues. Time nad space is no factor for whoever fought for the justice is contemporary and relevant to us.With the indispensable support of 39 G.T.C, Varanasi, 4 Air Force Selection Board, Varanasi, 7 UP (Bn) NCC, BHU, Varanasi and Head Quarter, Central Air Command, IAF, Allahabad, GSN pays special honour to defence martyrs by lifting Aakash Deeps. The culminating zenith of this one-month long event is the celebration of world famous DevDeepawali on KartikPurnima.