Tree Plantation

The relation between human and nature is a well-established fact, human life is not possible without the support of nature, and we get fresh air, water, food and many other essential products required for our living.

Trees are an important part of nature but due to increasing interference and greed man started cutting trees in uncontrolled manner, this has created an imbalance in nature.

To live we need fresh air that is free from pollution and has good amount of oxygen to breathe properly. Trees are the most important resource to generate oxygen and oxygen is so important for healthy living.

Ganga SevaNidhiruns regularplantation program at the Ganga Ghat for the betterment of environment, we not only plant but take care that it grows up to become a healthy tree. If you wish to participate in tree plantation program you can donate to get the trees planted in your name.

The plantation and caretaking of one tree involves Rs……..

You can donate us for tree plantation through the link given below:

You will get a proper receipt of your donation, you can use this receipt to save your income tax as this society is registered in 80G.