Daily Ganga Arati

River Ganga has a great importance in Hindu Mythology, more over its importance in the Jain, Buddhism and other religions could not be denied. We consider Maa Ganga as our mother goddess and thus Ganga SevaNidhi regularly offers worship and performs Ganga Aarti two times a day.

All the country men and all those from any part of this world who are willing and interested to get the blessings of Maa Ganga for themselves and their family’s welfare are welcome to offer their puja through authentic Pundits with the help of Ganga SevaNidhi.

All the rewards (punya) of the pooja will go to you if the pooja is performed under your sponsorship by the pundits on your behalf. You can avail this facility by paying online the package charge of your interest among the list that is displayed below:

You will get a proper receipt of your donation, you can use this receipt to save your income tax as this society is registered in 80G.