Cleaning of Ma Ganga

Ganga SevaNidhi very well understands the meaning of cleanliness. We are fully aware that keeping the Ganga and its ghats clean is the only way to keep this great river, which is considered equivalent to mother and goddess, full of life and its original properties. To protect and preserve the river and its surrounding we run the cleanliness program where we have to engage the paid human and mechanical resources. While many times the members and volunteers of Ganga SevaNidhi wash Ghats specially DashashwamedhGhat& Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ghat and also clean river surface and clean the water of wastes.

This action involves lots of money to hire the paid resources even the human hands, all those who are wishing to contribute but are helpless to come and join us physically can give their participation by donating generously under the head of cleanliness. This contribution of yours will be a great help as we will be able to spend more to get a better quality of work.

Those who understand the importance of this work and want to contribute can donate online through the link given. You will get a proper receipt of your donation, you can use this receipt to save your income tax as this society is registered in 80G.